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Although it may have never occurred to you, low energy levels at work are often attributed to poor lighting. Human beings are one of the most photo-sensitive creatures and the amount of light we experience can have significant effects on our daily routine and productivity at our jobs. This is why it is quite important to have the right levels of commercial lighting around your workspace. If you doubt that your office lighting is affecting your work and is becoming a concern, here are a few tips to improve lighting at your workspace.

Most commercial space owners today opt for energy saving bulbs and tube lights. These are great options that can provide a better quality of illumination and also help to save energy costs. If you do not already have them, you may want to get a new lighting system which can enable you to use CFL, LED and other technologies that help to save energy costs. Although changing the entire lighting system sounds like a big investment and effort, the overall savings that you will incur from the changed lighting system are every bit worth it from a long term perspective.

If your workspace has one of those flickering fluorescent light bulbs, you may want to change them ASAP. Not only are they not conducive to a thriving work environment, but have been proven to be a major health hazard. Fluorescent light bulbs are known to cause epileptic seizures for some people.

Depending on the kind of work you do on a daily basis in your workspace, the intensity and the type of lighting that you may need will vary. Typically, most workplaces need ample lighting but their placements and intensity will be different for offices where desk work is done compared to warehouses. Just make sure that the lights and their placement are not hampering your alertness or productivity.

For good workspace lighting, it is important to have a balanced combination of good quality indirect overhead lighting, natural sunlight and adjustable direct task lights. That way all three kinds of lights can be used by your workforce for safe and comfortable working conditions. Different light sources trigger different kinds of physical and psychological effects. When you are designing the lighting system for your workspace, make sure to regard the warm and cold sources of light, the kind of tasks you accomplish in your workspace, how each light source impacts your physiology and psychology and if the light sources you have selected are energy saving.

Poorly lit working conditions are a major cause of work-related accidents and can result in unsafe conditions, especially if you have weak-sighted or older employees working for you. In addition, as a business, it is mandatory for you to provide safe and workable lighting conditions as per government guidelines. If you are still using older lighting systems, it may be time to change them with XVan Electric’s excellent lighting solutions. With their team of licensed and experienced electricians, they are enabling several businesses to realize safer working conditions and cost savings. For electrical contractors, commercial lighting maintenance and led lighting maintenance, call XVan Electric today.