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Whether you’ve been gifted with the advanced technology that is smart home lighting or invested in it yourself, it’s time to set it up and take advantage of all it has to offer. After you’ve unboxed everything, read the instructions and screwed in the bulbs, it’s time to set up your new lighting system and optimize it to work exactly how you need it to. Here are four things you need to do with your new smart home lights.

Make a Lighting Schedule

Any smart lighting system should be able to work through scheduled times that have been pre-set by the user. Within whichever application that grants you control over your smart lights, look for an option that allows you to create a lighting schedule. That’s where you’ll be able to have your lights turn on and off at specified times. You can choose a standard sunrise and sunset timing or choose your own. Make sure to have your location selected as well as any daylight savings data. The ability to customize when your lights automatically turn on and off is something to look for when buying smart lighting systems, as some brands will offer different or limited options than others.

Come Home to Light

Certain smart lighting systems, like Philips Hue, uses your GPS to determine whether you’re on your way home or leaving for the day. It can be annoying coming home to a house that’s pitch black, and it’s not a smart idea to leave your lights on all day long. Not only will that waste energy and cost you more on your utility bills, but it’s also a fire hazard. Coming home and having your driveway or interior house lights automatically turn on is a little thing that makes a big difference.

Group Lighting

One of the biggest appeals of having smart home lighting is the ability to group rooms together and turn off the lights simultaneously. If set up correctly, you’ll be able to turn the lights on and off for an entire room without having to get up. Or you can set your lights to dim at a specific time, as not to disturb anyone. You can schedule an entire room with custom lighting features straight from your smart device.

Creating a Scene

With smart home lighting systems like Philips Hue and Belkin Wemo, you can set the mood of any room to whatever you want. Whether you want to change the brightness of the bulb, the temperature of the lighting or even the colour itself, any option you want is programmable through the connected smart app. This is a great feature to utilize when watching movies, reading or having a party.

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