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LED or Light Emitting Diode bulb is increasingly brightening up the world, replacing traditional incandescent bulbs and CFL everywhere. The luminous lighting is popular in both commercial and residential buildings, indoors and outdoors. Unlike traditional bulb that is measured in watts, LED is measured in lumens. This means brighter the LED light, the higher the number of lumens. LED lights come in a large variety of colours and specifications. Here’s how to choose the right lighting for your space.

How are LED Lights a Brighter Choice?

Many Hues: LED lights are available in many colours temperatures and options. Colour temperatures are measured in Kelvin units. Lower the Kelvin unit (about 2,500 to 3,000 Kelvins), more yellow is the LED light, quite like the warm glow of sunrise. Higher Kelvins (6,500) emits a cool blue colour. In between the warm and cool hues, there are many different shades for you to choose from. Blue light can keep your body from producing melatonin and interrupt your sleep cycle, which is worth noting for LED light use at home.

Eco-Friendly: Tired of changing bulbs? Switch to LED lights. They are more energy efficient and last you years, saving you effort and money. Traditional bulbs tend to pop and die without warning. It’s no fun sitting in a dark room just when your child is in the middle of a homework assignment or when you have a project submission deadline to meet the next day and no spare bulbs around. With LED lights, there are no such concerns. The moment you switch over, you also reduce your carbon footprint.

Invest in High Quality LED: Just make sure you don’t compromise on quality. LED lights offered at “discount” rates may not match up to the performance level of a high-quality light. CFL lights usually last 10 times as long as incandescent bulbs. But on the flipside, the glass is fragile and explodes easily, filling your home with toxic mercury. On the contrary, LED is tough. The bulb is not easily damaged and has a very low chance of causing any kind of fire.

Higher Savings: A single high quality LED light can cost you more than a traditional light bulb but it will be equal to the power of 50 incandescents and will consume one-tenth the electricity. Now do you your math! Can see the amount you will save in the long run?

Bright LEDs cost more per lumen, but it is easy to recover your investment over the years. If you change all the light bulbs in your home to LED, your household may save well over a hundred dollars in electricity bills annually. The sooner you switch, the more you save.

How to Choose the Right LED Lumens For Your Home or Office?

Since higher wattage incandescent bulbs are brighter, we assume the same for LED, but that is not true. The components are constructed differently hence two LEDs with the same wattage can have different lumen outputs. Make sure you read the fine print before you buy.

LED is measured differently than traditional light bulbs, so the metrics are usually confusing to weigh out. Here is an idea of the conversions for your convenience:

Incandescent (Watt) LED (Lumens)
● 25 – Watt 250 – Lumens
● 60 – Watt 800 – Lumens
● 100 – Watt 1600 -Lumens

To choose the best LED light for your home, check out the warm and cool shades that could enhance the ambience of your home. Dim lights need not be depressing with LED. They are soft, cozy and relaxing. Natural yellow daylight is on one end of the spectrum; orange is warmer; a cool blue can appear bright and white can be as bright and luminous as moonlight.

Typically, warm lights are selected for a living room, dining room or bedroom. Brighter lights are suitable for the kitchen, bathroom and study areas. You can adjust the light with a dimmer switch as and when necessary. For an office environment, bright white is a general favourite to minimize visual strain or warm hues that simulate daylight.

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