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All lighting systems need to be maintained or upgraded at some point in order for them to keep delivering peak performance. Understanding what goes into lighting maintenance is the first step in making sure everything is in working order. Before you can jump into fixing and adjusting your system, you need to ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve with this system. Do you want higher energy efficiency rates, lower energy costs or to encourage socialization and productivity? Whatever the answer is, here’s everything you need to know to keep your lighting system in good working condition.

Adjustment and Focusing
Are your lighting fixtures adjustable to accommodate for various situations? Lighting that can be specifically focused on certain areas can have a large impact on both the light level and the atmosphere of the space. For commercial lighting maintenance, be sure to have your lights focused on merchandise, decor or a featured setup to highlight the area.

Verify Colour Temperature
Depending on your location and the type of atmosphere you’re trying to create, the temperature of your lighting options could make or break it. For an office environment, having warm to neutral lighting tones at 3,000K is recommended. Daytime lighting at 5,00K to 6,000K should be avoided for indoor use.

Confirm Everything Works
You never want an electrician, or yourself if you have the experience, to leave your lighting system in semi-working condition. In addition to ensuring that the lighting fixture works, check that the accessories are functional as well.

Are there Compatibility Issues?
As specific lights require bulbs that are a certain voltage level, you’ll need to make sure all your fluorescent, compact fluorescent and LED materials are compatible with your fixtures of choice.

Remove Dirt
Over time, dirt and dust can build on the surface of a lighting fixture, reducing the output of overall light the room gets. As a surface preventing the right amount of light from passing through defeats the purpose of the lighting system, you need to make sure the lights are being cleaned regularly. The frequency of this will depend on the level of debris and dust that’s consistently in the environment.

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