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Both exterior and interior lighting installations in industrial and commercial complexes need regular maintenance to keep them in optimum condition. When the property is huge, it gets more challenging to track all the setbacks.

Even if traffic is less in one area of the property as compared to the others, such as the emergency staircases or washrooms, lighting in those areas cannot be compromised. At all times, fixtures need to be fully functional for the safety of everyone working there.

Today, the world is in favour of green, energy-efficient, cost-effective lighting. Business owners need to upgrade old fixtures to cost-effective, long-lasting modern advancements for the benefit of the environment and overall business costs. The only way to be efficient is by relying on the right professionals to carry out the tasks for you.

Why Choose Us

  • Experienced

    At X Van Electric Inc, we are fully knowledgeable of both modern demands and conventional preferences. Whatever look you prefer for your individual office or industrial area, contact us for excellent services.

    We offer solutions to your lighting and electrical needs under one roof. For several years, our service providers have served big and small commercial properties with an extensive range of resources that saves you on energy costs. Call us to discuss ways to reduce electricity consumption with our wide range of LED options.

  • Reliable

    Our team schedules regular maintenance plans along with replacements and 24-hour emergency repair. Just talk to one of our professionals to address any lighting issues or custom maintenance package. Get in touch with us for more details.

What We Offer

Our experts are available 24 hours to provide you with emergency services.

  • Computer and Telephone Cabling
  • EV Chargers
  • Electric Circuit Testing
  • Backup Generator Solutions
  • High-Voltage Cabling and Termination
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Maintenance
  • LED Lighting Retrofit
  • Lighting and Energy Audits
  • New Construction Services
  • Surge Protection Systems
  • Transformer Maintenance and Repair
  • Yearly emergency light testing certified